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that's us.

Our third baby boy Asa was born 3/11/14! Expect photos. Lots of photos.

I'm 28 and a stay at home mom. this is where I'll talk about such things. family, parenting, shit like that.

Please do NOT reblog photos of my kids. They're cute and they're mine and if I don't know you I'm not cool with their pics on your blog. NOT SORRY <3


Isaac/Silas/Asa all roughly around 6 weeks old.

Asa is 6 weeks today!

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Silas is getting the dog to lick his palms just so he can wipe it on Isaac’s face.

Creative big brother revenge, I dig it.

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Sorry to post so much but I just have to say, I feel like I kicked ass tonight. ALL THREE kids bathed before bed (even I got a shower this morning), and I managed a full, real, sit down dinner too. Asa may have done his share of screaming in a bouncy seat to make it happen, but we blasted music and Isaac helped me soothe him, and he actually loved his bath tonight. He should sleep well. I’m now sitting with some wine and an Easter basket full of candy and am so fucking tired but I feel pretty fucking accomplished. Yeah.

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Isaac/Silas/Asa all roughly around 6 weeks old.

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#isaac was such a peanut! 

I had my 6 week postpartum check up today. nothing really to report, I’ve lost 26lbs (10lbs left til pre-pregnancy weight and like 30 left til “goal weight” hahahhasjkdhaskdhjk) and everything is good. it was fun to show Asa off to the ladies at the office, like look what I did! people commenting on how big he is makes me feel awesome. at one point my midwife looked at him and said “so this is it, this is your family”, and I was like “yep, the final piece”. and then the words hung in the air a bit and just saying it out loud felt weird and happy. our little family is complete.

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If my mother in law could stop minimizing how much it sucks when Joel misses special events just because he’s busy making money, like I should just be grateful and shut up, that would be really great.

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Probably the only pictures I’m gonna get on this crazy day so happy Easter from us!

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Hospitals still strap down women's arms for c-sections. →



Not all of them, but many still consider this standard procedure, and many women are surprised when it happens to them, because I think most of us assume that strapping down a conscious person is pretty horrible (and it is!) and a relic of the past. It…

Never had my arms strapped down for any of mine, I was hindered a bit by IVs and the blood pressure cuff but luckily my csections were all positive, even my “emergency” one in 2008.

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We just got back from visiting the Easter rodent! Actually my first time taking all 3 boys out on my own and it went really well. We strolled around window shopping and got some Starbucks and they played with other kids for a while. Silas had a slight meltdown when the Easter bunny left for his break but other than that it was very smooth and even I can say I had a good time :)

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oneofourown replied to your post: Last night was awful, Asa spent 1-3:30…

Is Asa having gas issues maybe?

yeah, pretty certain it’s a gas issue he is constantly farting. I use gripe water (mostly for when he has hiccups) that has ginger in it, and I today I also wrapped him up with a heating pad against his belly which he LOVED. it made him so smiley and sleepy. I’m sure my diet doesn’t help much…I should probably try consuming something without caffeine or sugar once in a while…

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