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Our third baby boy Asa was born 3/11/14! Expect photos. Lots of photos.

I'm 28 and a stay at home mom. this is where I'll talk about such things. family, parenting, shit like that.

Please do NOT reblog photos of my kids. They're cute and they're mine and if I don't know you I'm not cool with their pics on your blog. NOT SORRY <3

Last night was awful, Asa spent 1-3:30am consistently screaming his face off for no real reason. I really think he has colic, he’s never happy aside from brief moments after he’s fed where he’ll engage. Other than that he’s constantly fussing and crying. I know he’s also going through his first leap though so I am sympathetic. It’s just that I’m having a hard time keeping up with his appetite, and have been considering formula. He’s growing SO FAST, holy crap, he was in a 3-6 mo onesie yesterday. He’s such a tank. I’m proud of doing that single handedly but considering he never lets me put him down….my back hurts.

It’s the oldest one I’m having trouble with, mostly. A concerned note from school yesterday confirmed what I already knew, Isaac is having a rough time with all these transitions. He’s completely defiant, smug, uncooperative, rude, and way too hands-on with Silas and his classmates, apparently. I’m at a loss with him right now. It’s also now April vacation so HAHAHAH kill me.

So this morning hasn’t been great either. I know if I could manage to get a shower today my attitude would improve, so that’s my only goal for the day. Wish me luck.

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Silas is feeding sheriff Woody&#8230;.

Do NOT tell Joel.

Silas is feeding sheriff Woody….

Do NOT tell Joel.

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It took two hours of screaming and feeding to get the littlest settled enough to where he’s finally asleep in bed next to me right now, wrapped up tight in a swaddle with the baby shusher going next to him. Once he calmed I ran around picking up, feeding the pets, making Isaac’s lunch for tomorrow and getting his backpack in order, locking doors and shutting off lights. I’m laying here just now realizing that I’m STARVING because I never ate any dinner.
Is doing this all on my own gonna be my weight loss secret? Because really, finding time to eat is proving difficult so far.

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Okay honestly are formula fed babies as fussy and weird at the bottle as boob babies are at the boob?? Like with the grunting and pulling and popping off only to get pissed and want back on and comfort suckling and all that crap? It’s the worst. My nipples aren’t meant to stretch that far, dude please STOP

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Day one so far

-very unhappy baby who only wants to eat & cry
-on my third shirt as of noon (puke happens)
-ALL the kids shows for poor, under stimulated Silas
-because I’ve been stuck in a rocking chair all morning
-just watched my darling infant piss in his own face
-next up: baby bath time.

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aaaand commence single parenthood for the next 4 weeks.

could someone please tell me I’m going to be okay because I’m doing a shitty job of convincing myself :/

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"Honey! Coming up next on Fox News is how to make money while still being a stay at home mom!"

*cue my ascent upstairs to blog in annoyance•

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We’re painting the living room tonight. Well attempting to. I’m seeing signs of Asa’s first leap in development which mainly include screaming unless he’s nursing and not sleeping all. Joel leaves for 4 weeks on Wednesday so tonight I purposely didn’t ask for help in getting Isaac & Silas to bed and doing the whole routine because I need to figure out how to do this shit on my own, screaming baby and all. It didn’t go very well. I hate getting frustrated and yelling but Isaac has been MAJORLY pushing all the buttons lately and I felt like I was doing alright staying patient but you give him an inch and he takes two miles and I just snapped at him. Doesn’t feel good to make a big kid cry and not be able to soothe a baby all at once.
Pretty sure I’m screwed, guys.

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Asa was one month old yesterday!

We are slowly getting to know each other. He is an aggressive eater and a master at nuzzling - he loves to just rub his big chubby cheeks into the crook of my neck and sigh longingly. He loves to be on his belly, if he starts fussing I can put him belly down across my lap and tap his butt and he chills right out. He hates baths, likes his early evening blocks of sleep and to be wide awake between 4 and 6am. He is wearing 3 month size clothing already and has beautiful blue eyes right now. They’re dark though, so I’m thinking they might change to be brown like mine and Isaac’s. He’s starting to smile, coo, and be much more awake and curious about his surroundings.

Daddy has gotten to spend so much time with his boys this past month and it’s been crazy chaotic but awesome to see them all bonding so much. His big brothers ADORE him and constantly want to smother him with kisses and hugs. I have to practically fight them off him all the time, it’s pretty cute. I hope that lasts as long as possible :)

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